This Little “Fish” Can Make Your Pregnancy Healthier

This Little “Fish” Can Make Your Healthier

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Well, this may seem a bit awkward at first when I say ‘lucky fish', but believe me, it's not. While some would say the ‘lucky fish' is a funny term, some would agree that it is and some would argue. It is often found in many studies that pregnant women are more prone to fall victim to iron deficiency than others. Especially in the third world countries where affording iron rich food supplement in next to impossible, an alternate was much needed. Cambodia, a third world country, has come up with a unique solution to this and the results are intriguing.

This Little “Fish” Can Make Your Pregnancy Healthier

The secret lies in an ancient Cambodian culture prevalent in the country for many years. It's their iconic symbol of hope and luck – the fish. Well, in this case, to be precise, an iron fish! You must be thinking-‘What did they do?'- here's the answer:

They made a fish out of absorbent iron and used it for cooking. I would describe the method later on, but first, check out the outcome! After a study conducted over nine months, researchers have found that cooking with the iron fish for 10 minutes could actually make up 75% of one's daily need of iron in body. Sounds funny? Not anymore!

Let's come to the process. You have to put the iron fish into 1 liter of boiling water and put 2-3 drops of apple cider vinegar or citrus juice and boil for 10 minutes. Since the fish is made of ferrous iron, it is very absorbent and with the help of the citrus or vinegar you added, the water becomes enriched in iron. After 10 minutes, you can just take out the fish and use the water for normal cooking purpose or for drinking. More on this can be found on this mission called “Put a fish in every pot” in their website.

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Now when it comes to iron deficiency, pregnant women are the most to suffer. Being pregnant means you have to provide nutrition to yourself and to your stillborn baby. At this stage, not only the mother but also the baby is at high risk of lacking minimum required iron for nutrition. So it becomes very much critical to know how to supplement for the extra requirement of iron in your body during .

When you are pregnant, make yourself familiar with the diet chart as to how much of what nutrient you must have. You have to identify the iron and mineral rich foods and have to have them included in your daily diet. also plays a vital role during pregnancy so keep an eye so that you have enough of it. As mentioned earlier, have a chart made specially for the iron rich food and also be aware of some of the food that help absorbing iron in your body. Consult your physician on a regular basis and avoid those foods that creates problem in your digestive system. Have a safe and sound pregnancy!

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