This Is The Best Age To Get Pregnant

This Is The Best Age To Get Pregnant

There are many people around the world eager to know what the best age to get pregnant is. Pregnancy is most important part of any women life. It will not only alter the life of women but also her husband. Parenthood is one experience everyone wishes for and yet wants to know what should be the right time for this so that they can enjoy that time at its best.

There are multiple factors involved to answer this question. Identifying right age for you to get pregnant is something which will need consideration of various aspects. However, the most important aspect is health of the couple. Pregnancy requires contribution from both male and female. Thus, it is important for couple to remain in good health to conceive at right time. However, health of female is more significant in this regard. This is due to the fact that after conception her body will undergo continuous changes bearing fetus inside and providing nourishment to baby.

Important factors to decide timings of pregnancy

Best age to have a baby is what should be decided by parents on their own. However, some important points which should be considered while planning a pregnancy are as follow:

  • Physical conditions are most important in this regard. Age of female should be considered deeply as age and physical conditions of women play active role in it. As, it is believed that medically women is most fertile from ages 18 to 25.
  • It should also be considered that younger age pregnancy offer less risks to your baby.
  • Another thing which should be considered is material and professional status of parents. More sound the couple is, more conveniently they will bear expenses during pregnancy and delivery.
  • Couple should also make it sure that they are emotionally satisfied and relaxed prior to conception. This factor also play important role getting pregnant.

All these factors contribute to determine right age for pregnancy for you.
Underage pregnancy

Although woman has ability to conceive when, she is younger than 18. However, such pregnancy would be prior to recommended age. Conceiving baby at such young can give rise to other emotional and psychological problems.

Getting pregnant at 30’s

Early 30’s is also considered as best age to have a baby by large number of women around the world. Mostly women in this age limit are financially stable and acquired position in their professional life. As far as fertility is concerned women are much fertile from age 30 to 35. However, after 35 fertility age of women declines rapidly. In late 30’s ovulation processes slower chances of miscarriages increases in this time period. But healthy lifestyle and good diet can help such women to enjoy longer fertility age. Good health can increase chances of being fertile in this age also. Such women are emotionally more stable.

Ideal age to get pregnant medically

Medically it has been proven that best age to get pregnant is 25 to 35. After 30 declines have been observed in fertility rate of women however, this deliver is not that feverish as it is after 35. During this age the fertility rate of women is at its best. She also lacks health problems like high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. This also leads to birth of healthy child and reduced chances of C-Section.

After 35 chances of C-Section also increases tremendously. Likewise, chances of fetus abnormality also increase. Therefore, it has been concluded that pregnancy and age are vital to each other. From age 18 to 25 women is most fertile. After 25 this factor declines slowly. However after 35, things start to change rapidly. Pregnancy in late 30’s pr early 40’s can give to raise maximum medical complications. Infertility rate also increases after 38 years of age.

Another factor which can play an important part to lead healthy fertile body for longer duration is to adapt healthy lifestyle. This includes detoxification of your body, quitting smoking and alcohol, prevent yourself from preserved foods, use fertility boosting foods and include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Water can also play an important role in detoxification of your body. These habits along with exercise can also help to maintain good healthy body for longer duration and you can enjoy healthy pregnancies in late 30’s also. Learn more about preconception nutrition, and fertility diet plans in other articles of our web-portal.

On the other hand for man it is difficult to point out best age to have a baby. Fertility rate of men remain constant throughout their lives even at age of 40. However, health conditions of man can play an important role is this regard. Another thing which can help men to decide is their financial status. So, best age to get pregnant is about 25 to 35 years of age. However, due to other financial and emotional statistics of people it is recommended to plan their pregnancies in early 30’s. This can help them to enjoy healthy pregnancy.

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