For This Reason I Am Not Fan Of Play Based Learning

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For This Reason I Am Not Fan Of Play Based Learning

The main idea of Play based learning is to make the children to involve in studies with fun so that they don’t hesitate or feeling reluctant to come to school. Play based learning for child gives some other feeling for me than what it actually means because it seems that the term play based learning has been changed.

Whenever I surf into facebook I happen to see how people views the play based learning as they considers it as amazing or fun ideas for learning. I feel that it is confused actually as they push the students to concentrate more on studies with playing. Their goal is to make them study for which they use playing as a tool but they don’t take time or have time to enjoy playing without studies. They are not involved with real play instead they play to study and the play based learning is not about kids it is about the ideas of adults to make the children study. They give the definition for play based learning as it is devised for children but it is actually misused by the adults to fulfill what they expected to do in a child.

When I happened to see about play based learning activities other day, the child takes a card and does the action mentioned in it while we read it. The actions like “clap your hands”; tap your feet are mentioned in the card and the children will do it when you read it from the card. This seems to be good for all others and they enjoyed it saying how good it is to mix learning with playing. But the fact is that it is not the actual play based learning is, this is really perplexed.

We prepare something for the children to play then the real meaning go wrong. The real meaning of play is not to involve them to obey our agenda but letting them to play on own. They should enjoy playing in their time not on our time and our agenda. This is controlling them to obey our schedule and agenda.

What is play?

It is chosen by self

Children love playing and they are born for that, if allowed then they will play the whole day. If you push them to do anything then it is not actually play because playing is not working or a compulsion.

No agenda

There is no agenda for playing; it is not fulfilling the goals of the adults.


Playing is really valuable because any kind of playing is learning.

No structure

There is no need to structure the play; children will make rules for the play, decision is theirs.

I don’t say that you should not play with your children and not to instruct your children but what I say just let them to play freely, don’t push your agenda in them. Allow them freely to choose what they want to play which is the real meaning of play based learning. When we structure the play and compel them to involve they get convinced to it which is not play based learning.

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