How to Raise a Son Who Is Not a Sexist

How to Raise a Son Who Is Not a Sexist

Last Updated on January 5, 2018 by Jasmine KeLa

  1. Be a good role model as a dad

Behave properly towards the women in your life since your child is watching you. Don’t disrespect them.


  1. Teach him color diversity

Don’t teach your son that particular colors are meant for a particular gender. Dress him with clothes of any color.


  1. Let him play with girls

He doesn’t only have to play with boys. Interacting with girls on a day to day basis will help him know how to behave around girls.


  1. Teach him about his body

Let him know that no one is allowed to touch him inappropriately


  1. Teach him about different types of families

Let him know that families are different. There are single parent families, adoptive families and same sex families.


  1. Provide parental guidance about media images

Explain to him how media portrays women and that there is no perfect body or person.


  1. Encourage him to read books with strong female characters

This will help him view the world from a woman’s point of view.


  1. Breakdown what pornography is

Show him the harm that it causes to women and society in general.


  1. Discourage him from sending sexts

Show him what to do when someone sends him inappropriate sexts. You can also teach him how to sext responsibly, to a consenting party, when he is of age.


  1. Teach him how to behave in relationships

Teach him to never force himself on a woman sexually or to engage in inappropriate sexual relationships.