How to Raise a Son Who Is Not a Sexist

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Raising a boy who is not a sexist is quite an achievement in a world where women are constantly harassed and looked down upon by the society. Every woman dreams of meeting men who will respect her and uphold her dignity under whatever circumstances. Here are some tips that you can use to teach your son to be more sensitive to women.


How to Raise a Son Who Is Not a Sexist

  1. Teach him to express his emotions freely

Encourage your son to express himself emotionally. Don’t tell him that men are not allowed to experience certain emotions, e.g. being scared or sad.


  1. Let him play with dolls

It is ok for your son to play with dolls. Show him how to play with dolls. This will make a huge difference, especially if the dad is involved.


  1. Let him play house

Don’t make fun of him if he wants to play a feminine role, such as be the sister, wife or mum when you are playing the game.

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