Photographer Creates Stunning Newborn Pic With the Umbilical Cord Spelling Out ‘LOVE’

The relationship between a child and his mother is divine. A child is attached to his mother from his inception and perhaps there is no power on earth that can detach them from the unconditional love they share for each other.


Well, when I say the child is attached with his mother, I mean both literally and metaphorically. And even after birth, a child bears this mark till his death in form of the navel. Yes, that is the place where the umbilical cord is attached and this is the lifeline for any child.

Now before I go into details of this topic, there’s a little introduction to be made to a certain group of people.

In New Zealand, there’s a tribe, ‘Maori’ by name, and they are famous for their unique traditions. Not only are they ancient, many of their traditions are dedicated to mother nature which may, to some extent, sound a bit weird to you. One such thing is the burying the placenta of a child after the birth. They believe that the placenta works as a natural protector of the child inside the womb (which it really is), and it should be returned to the nature after it has served its purpose, that is, after the birth of the child.

Photographer Creates Stunning Newborn Pic by Spelling Out the Word ‘LOVE’ with the Umbilical Cord

Emma Jean Nolan, a photographer and midwife has recently posted a photo on her social media page which has since gone viral. The photo was depicting a newly born baby still attached to its placenta and the umbilical cord was still intact. And the word ‘Love’ was spelt with it. Not only was this beautiful, but also had a meaning of many unfolding lairs.

The name of the baby is Harper and he belongs from the Maori tribe, as introduced earlier. And as the tradition goes, the placenta would be buried on his grandfather’s farm in New Zealand, under a Tortora tree.

Photographer Creates Stunning Newborn Pic by Spelling Out the Word ‘LOVE’ with the Umbilical Cord

Many of us have never seen a placenta in our life since it is almost immediately cut from our body after birth and also, in the West, the placenta is not actually a favorite thing of the people. Rather, it is often thought to be a disgusting thing. Now Emma did not think that the image would go viral. While asked later, she explained that she had posted the image to portray the love of human kind for its mother nature and how grateful we are to the nature for our existence.

She thinks that even though the placenta is looked down upon in most of the places, the immense response of the picture actually shows how much we appreciate our mother nature and how much we crave for connection to the nature. And the word ‘Love’, spelt with the still attached umbilical cord actually describes our gratefulness to the nature since we are what we are today because of this. None of us would have existed if the placenta was not there.

Once again we have proved that our love for mother nature is unconditional and even though in some cases we act like a selfish being, we are, still, to our core, we care for the nature and we appreciate its every aspect.


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