School Believes Parents Build Their Child’s Character Before Sending Them to School

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School Believes Parents Build Their Child’s Character Before Sending Them to School

Many parents could be found complaining about their kids being bullied. Or parents observe that their kids are misbehaving and think, “Huh! I believe it is one of their friends from school who might have made them behave this way.” However, we forget the main and fundamental problem; it is not the school’s responsibility to teach kids manners and good behavior. Rather, it is the parent’s job to teach their kids what is good and bad.

This matter was taken up by a Portuguese school so that it can draw the line between the responsibilities of parents and schools. It has made posters and pasted them on the walls of the school. Its message has been spreading on social media like wildfire.

The school has pointed out that the job of the school is to impart knowledge, while the parents are supposed to groom their children to be better people. A school can make your kid excel academically, but if the parents do not take up the responsibility of making their children well-behaved, this might all go to waste.

The Great Message

The poster contains 5 points that the school thinks is the responsibility of a parent, and this compelling message is being shared all over social media to create further awareness.

  • The school asks the parents to teach words like thank you and sorry at home.
  • Moreover, parents should show their children how to behave in public, how to eat and not talk while they are eating, how they should dispose of their garbage and remain clean, etc.
  • The school thinks that parents are supposed to teach their kids attributes like honesty, respect, sympathy, and empathy.
  • Kids should be taught how to talk to people who are older than them such as their teachers.
  • The school suggested that parents should show their kids the way to remain clean and organized and how it is important not to assume that everyone would be ok with physical contact.

The school, to make things a bit lighter, says that its job is to teach kids subjects like science, history, and math. It believes its only task is to reinforce the education that is given to the children at home.

School Believes Parents Build Their Child’s Character Before Sending Them to School


Not only has the message become famous because of social media, but people, parents specifically, are also found to be agreeing with the message wholeheartedly. People are saying that indeed it is the parents’ or guardians’ duty to see how their kids are behaving and to teach them positive behavior.


The reason why the message was so liked by people is that it has drawn a line between the responsibilities of a parent and school. This way when you know what your kid lacks in,you would know which party can make it better.


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