Oldest Child – The Most Terrifying Yet Best Experience

Oldest Child – The Most Terrifying Yet Best Experience

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You see your kids, and your heart swells. “They are mine, and I love them.” –that is what is going through your head whenever you watch them do something innocent or when they smile mischievously.

Even if you get home late from your work, your kids take away all the tiredness and sleepiness with their incessant talks and mindless stories about their day, how they pranked each other and how they got into a fight but were victorious.

You love doing their work. You love how they depend on you and look up to you whenever they face any difficulty because they believe that whatever happens, their mother would always know the solution to their every problem, be it as small as losing a toy and as big as a fight at school.

Oldest Child – The Most Terrifying Yet Best Experience


The Charm of the Oldest

All kids are equal, and you love them equally, yet there is a certain charm and allure to the oldest child. The child who was the bringer of the most amazing experience in the world. You were excited but so afraid when you found out that you were going to be a mom for the first time.

However, when the most beautiful creature on earth was born, it took away all the doubts and nervousness you felt. All the sleepless nights were not for nothing because now you have them and there cannot be anything wrong.

Oldest Child – The Most Terrifying Yet Best Experience

After all these years, you see how your oldest takes the responsibility of their younger siblings, and your heart melts because they think their younger siblings are theirs to take of. Although you remember the childhood of all your kids, the childhood of the oldest is burned into your mind. You remember when they first started walking and when and what was their first word.

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You remember all the moments you spent together, only them and you. There were no other children back then. All your attention was on them. You took them to their school and picked them up from their music classes. You sang them a lullaby and slept in their tiny bed when they were afraid of the monsters under their bed. You would stay awake at nights because they were sick. Taking care of them at their weakest and being proud of them at their strongest.

Your child doesn't know all these things as they complain how you don't pay enough attention toward them. They don't understand how you remember every single detail as they were too young to remember.

All the time you spent with them when there wasn't anyone else to divert your attention from them is a reminder of a beautiful part of the life that has been getting better every day. Even if they think you've forgotten them and don't care for them anymore, you are always there, watching and caring, and you will never let them be alone.

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