Nosebleeds in pregnancy third trimester | Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

During third trimester of pregnancy some of the woman may face nose bleeds which is one of the normal issues during pregnancy. This problem can start with sinus headache and nasal jamming or with a little high blood pressure that caused due to circulating fluid in the body. You can’t take the nosebleeds occurred at the time of pregnancy as it is highly important to know the reason behind it in order to take care of your health as well as your baby’s too.

Reasons behind the occurrence of nosebleeds during pregnancy

The possible causes for the occurrence of nosebleeds are expanding vessels, allergies, colds and infections and dry environment. Expanding vessels caused when the volume of the blood in the body increases then it tends the vessels to expand and thin that may leads to break the vessels in the nose due to the pressure from the increased blood volume stretches the vessels. Nosebleeds can occur more possibly when you are exposed to allergies; due to allergies mucous membranes in the nose may tends to dry out that leads to breaking of the blood vessels easily. Like allergies, cold and infections will dry out the nose leads to nosebleeds. Dry environment may cause nosebleeds as the dry region can make your nasal membranes drier that take up more chances of causing nose bleeds. Even the nosebleeds can cause due to any other reasons also.

Nosebleeds in pregnancy third trimester

Steps taken for stopping the nosebleeds during pregnancy

The nosebleeds may occur due to any number of reasons during pregnancy at that time it is important to know the steps to stop the bleeding from nose.

  • First you need make your body calm and slightly lean forward but you need to make your head upwards than your chest.
  • Then make use of your thumb and index finger, put very firm pinch on the lower area of the nose to and squeeze for five minutes at that time breathe through your mouth.
  • After that keep the ice over it to tighten the blood vessels and it slow down the bleeding.

Preventive measures to avoid the nosebleeds during pregnancy

Instead of waiting until the nosebleeds you can avoid its occurrence through following the certain preventive measures.

  • During pregnancy try to skip utilizing nasal sprays and nasal decongestants as it may dried out your nasal membranes.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your membranes moist in order to stay out of dehydration as to keep yourself to stay hydrated.
  • While cold, avoid sneezing forcefully and open your mouth widely and it can reduces the pressure of the nose.
  • Try to keep your home clean and unpolluted because that may help you when your nose experience dry or congested. If your nose gets dry then stand in the atmospheric moisture and breathe in the humidity.
  • Make yourself to stay out of environmental irritants like smog, smoke, chemicals and perfumes which may cause some irritations to your nose not only that it may leads to causing any other pregnancy issues.

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