Nosebleeds During Pregnancy Second Trimester

Every woman has a time of great joy during their pregnancy. However, they suffer from the highest possible anxiety and worry in this period. There are many reasons behind the overall physical and mental health problems during pregnancy. However, the main reason is the constant change in the body. You may find much difficulty to find what is normal and abnormal from the beginning to end of the pregnancy. If you suffer from an occasional nosebleed during the second trimester of your pregnancy, then you have to concentrate on how to heal this ill health condition.

The nose of everyone has a good vascular supply. All tiny blood vessels are located as close as possible to the skin surface and prone to damages in different ways. The mains causes of this nose bleeding are nose picking and dry air. The overall blood volume of every woman is increased during their pregnancy.

Nosebleeds During Pregnancy Second Trimester

Nosebleeds During Pregnancy Second Trimester


There is necessary nourishment to the baby from this increased blood circulation. This process does not fail to maximize the small vessels of the nose and make these small vessels susceptible to rupture. The swelling of the nasal passage during the pregnancy is due to the increased blood volume. If this ill health condition continues, then there is a possibility of chronic congestion.  A frequent nose blowing leads to nosebleeds and other health problems.  Listen to the following details and double-check the foremost causes of nosebleeds during pregnancy.

  • The common cold as well as air-born allergies
  • A trauma to the nose
  • The nasal membrane
  • Prescribed blood thinners
  • Frequent use of aspirin


It is the correct time to concentrate on how to prevent nosebleeds. Though nosebleed is not unsurprising during the pregnancy, you can prevent or lessen the occurrence of nosebleeds by taking some precautions. For example, you can do the following things and get rid of every unfavorable thing associated with the nosebleeds.

  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Keep nasal membranes well hydrated
  • Keep your mouth open every time you sneeze
  • Gently blow your nose and reduce pressure on blood vessels
  • Use a suitable lubricant to keep the area moist
  • Use a humidifier in dry climates to add moisture to the air
  • Use prescribed nasal sprays and lubricant as per guidelines

Easy-to-follow guidelines

Healthcare professionals worldwide these days provide the most outstanding treatments to sufferers of nosebleeds and related health problems. They understand frightening nature of nosebleeds and how to stop patients’ nosebleeds. They recommend the following things to everyone who suffers from the nosebleeds during the second trimester of the pregnancy.

  • Sit down, lean slightly forward and keep the head remains positioned above the heart
  • Pinch nostrils closed and breathe via mouth. Remain in this position for 15 minutes
  • Apply ice to the nose. The cold stops the blood flow
  • Apply a package of frozen vegetables
  • Remain sitting and do not lay down
  • Blood swallowing induces nausea and vomiting feelings

You may have a doubt that when you have to seek an appropriate medical care at this time. You have to make clear this doubt when you contact and consult with a qualified medical professional without any delay.  Do not fail to remember that a nosebleed is a symptom of any underlying condition.

Nosebleeds During Pregnancy Second Trimester

Nosebleeds in Second Trimester

Make an informed decision

Every pregnant woman is at a great risk of a variety of health problems such as hypertension, stroke and diabetes. You have to immediately contact and consult with an experienced medical professional when you experience any of these ill health conditions or symptoms of such health problems. You require the medical treatment when you suffer from the chest pain or a nosebleed accompanies laboured breathing.

Many women suffer from nosebleeds and a head trauma at the same time. They have to immediately visit the healthcare center with a specialization in the health problems take place during the second trimester of pregnancy. They require emergency attention when there is any tingling, facial dropping or numbness.   This is worthwhile to heal symptoms of feeling lightheaded, fatigue or confusion when you suffer from nosebleeds along with such ill health conditions.

There are many possibilities for a loss of consciousness during the second trimester in particular nosebleeds takes place. You require an immediate attention when you suffer from this loss of consciousness, a heavy blood flow, bleeding and other health problems. Do not forget to not repeated mysterious bruises, report frequent nosebleeds to a doctor and follow all essential guidelines from a qualified medical professional.


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