Never say these things to a parent, like ever

    You must be having fun sitting all day with kids.

Parents have to do a lot of work. They are not lazy and sitting at their home. Do not try to lower the self-esteem of parents by saying this to them.

    Ohhh! Please relax. Your kid’s out.

Do not try to show kids are burden on the parents. Whether they are with them today or not, they will have to care for them tomorrow.

    Don’t be late, at least, this time.

Parents are busy folks. They’ll have to do a lot of work and preparation before going to any event. Understand that they cannot leave the child without having prepared for it. Although being late is not a good habit, the preparation could take time, and they could be late often.

    Why are you so tired? Is everything okay?

These are lines that will show that parenting is a tiring job. It is, but why are you trying to convey that to a parent? It will decrease their potential of doing the work properly. Try not to be mean while talking to parents. Understand that they are in a different situation than you.

    What’s the point of inviting you? You never say yes.

Never say these lines to a parent. Even if they do not come to your party or event, try to understand their situation. It’s hard for many parents to leave their child alone and therefore, they do not like to go to many events while the children become grown-up.

Parenting is a tough job to do. When you have never been in a parent’s shoes, do not try to underestimate him by saying the above things. You’ll receive what you give.

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