Never say these things to a parent, like ever

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All have heard the talks of parents to non-parents regarding how lifeless their life was before becoming a parent, how their children have completely changed their lives and how interesting life has become after having them. Parents should not brag about these things to non-parents. It could hurt them. But,many things could hurt a parent too. Don’t be mean and remember these things while talking to a parent especially if you are a non-parent.

    I wish I’d never have kids.

Great! You have just conveyed that the parent should murder her children and come to your side. Bravo.

    Didn’t you watch that show/new series/movie?

Parents are very busy. They have to care for the child, make sure that laundry is done and other various things related to a child.They may never get time to see a new series. Do not try to make the lives of parents worse by telling these things to them.

Never say these things to a parent, like ever

    You just forgot us. These days, we never receive your call.

Parents have to be very careful about the doings of the child. They have to check in seconds whether the child is crying or not. They have to examine regularly whether the baby is crying for changing his diaper or for food or anything else. These things take time. Do not expect parents to call you too much in this period. Understand their situation.

    Come! We have an adult only party.

Who doesn’t love to go to events and parties? Make sure you are not making an inappropriate demand to the parents who have to care dearly about their child. They can’t leave him alone.

    We are thinking of getting a dog. It could be a good start before becoming a parent.

Lol! You have just compared a baby to a puppy. Although they are both similar and have many characteristics similar for a caretaker, they are NOT the same. You can hurt the parents feeling by saying this.

Never say these things to a parent, like ever

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