Never, ever say these things to non-parents

“You wouldn’t know what love is till you have kids.”


That’s just saying that their love for their wife, family members, and others are inferior to your love for your child. People with pets can also hear such type of talks – “you wouldn’t know what love is till you have a pet.” However, that’s bull. So, do not try to undermine their love for the other people just by overstating your love for your child.

“You’re telling me you’re tired? Tell me when you get kids.”

Even if you think that you are doing more work than your childless friend, try to keep your mouth shut. If you are working on things, they are also.

“You are enjoying your life because you don’t have kids.”

Although these types of messages convey that your friend is enjoying her life, they also show that you are envying her and want to become like her for one day or two. You don’t want to be like her for all time, and you are not serious. It could even more hurt those who want to be in your shoes after some time.

“I would love to do that, but I can’t.”

You are in telling them that they can live their life just because they do not have kids. Although, you can use a babysitter for a few hours to do things like your friends, but you want to show them that you have a baby. That makes them insecure. Try not to do that.


“You won’t agree with me because you don’t have kids.”

Parents use this tool quite a lot when they can’t agree with their friends or are unable to convince them. Everyone feels the pain of others. You do not become extra special when you become a parent. If you try to tell your thoughts in a good manner, everyone can understand them. Being a parent is no excuse for being a bad and non-convincing communicator.

Parenting is a sensitive issue. Try to understand that many of your friends also want kids someday. So, try not to paint them as someone out of this world. Some of them may even do not like to have kids even with the best of the partners, so it’s their choice. Don’t try to be rude while conveying your thoughts to your childless friends. Doing these types of things could ruin your friendship and make them hate you, I mean seriously.

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