Never, ever say these things to non-parents

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Never, ever say these things to non-parents

We know you are very happy about your kids, but you also have to keep in mind those friends who are childless. You may intentionally or in a casual manner say those things which could hurt the feelings of your friends who don’t have any kids. Saying these type of things can hurt your friendship – keep that in mind.

Never, ever say these things to non-parents


“You don’t have kids, why?”


You have just made your friends come into an uncomfortable position. Maybe they tried for years and got no results, or maybe they didn’t want them after all. Why should they tell you? Try to understand people before asking questions or it may have really bad effects on your relationship with them.

“You will change your mind, don’t worry.”


This is one more additive from parents to nonparents. They give you so many excuses like “you will meet the right partner someday”, “maybe at a later age you’ll find it good” and so on. These are the most common things said by parents to nonparents which can annoy them. Being a parent is not a divine thing: it’s a choice. Try not to force it on someone else. If they want it, they will have it.

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