Should You Lie Down with Your Kids Until They Fall Asleep?

Should You Lie Down with Your Kids Until They Fall Asleep?

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As a parent, have you spent hours of your life lying down next to your child in the dark until they fall asleep? You might have tried hiding under blankets or waiting for hours in the dark, maybe even dozing off for a while only to wake up to know that your child has been long asleep. However, it is not necessarily a bad experience. At times, it may be beautiful.

Should You Lie Down with Your Kid Until They Fall Asleep?

Being beside your children while they go from sleeping to dreaming can be a magical experience indeed. During the absence of lights, you may run your fingers through their hair, they may push against you in their , or you might even hear their hearts beating.

While you both prepare to go to sleep, your may even choose to talk to you and open up about their day and life experiences. They will pour their hearts out, and it will be a wonderful nighttime experience to have.

Should You Lie Down with Your Kid Until They Fall Asleep?

Is It Wrong to Lie Down Next to Your Child?

People will argue that you may spoil your children if you choose to spend the night lying next to them until they doze off. It may also be said that such a habit should not exist and be broken at the very first chance.

However, what if you choose to go against what people recommend? What if you spend every night next to your child, and it turns out to be a positive and beautiful experience? What if you continue to do so until they have grown up, and it strengthens your bond and relationship with them? Will this result in your child becoming extremely dependent on you? Certainly not.

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Should You Lie Down with Your Kid Until They Fall Asleep?

Attachment Is Good

Various studies have proven that it is only positive and good for you to get attached to your children in such a manner. It results in them being more confident and independent as they know they have a support system to look forward to at the end of a difficult and exhausting day.

It is not necessary for you to lie down with them forcefully every night. It may or may not be the right method to raise your kids specifically. However, if it does work out for you, there is no reason for you to let it go just because people suggest so.

Lie down with you kids and spend time with them because you want to. A moment of silence and peace is difficult to obtain during a day filled with work and chores. At times, your kids may want you there and at other times, you may miss your children. Every such minute spent together is worth it. And if it works out for you to lie down next to your children, do so and do not exchange it for anything.

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