Keep Your Toddler Busy With Those 20 Ways

How to Keep Toddlers Busy

As a mother, we can become the most creative people on earth, especially in making our toddlers busy. It is very important to find activities that can help your toddlers develop their motor skills. It will not only benefit your little ones, but it can also save you time to do something else while looking after them. Here are 20 suggested activities that will keep your toddlers busy. Bear in mind, however, that each activity needs your supervision to ensure the safety of your kids.

1. Imaginary Noah’s ark

This fun and educational activity will test the imaginative skills of your toddler. Toy animals will be placed in a bathtub with the toddler. The bathtub will be Noah’s Ark and the toddler will pretend as if he/she was at the time when the big flood happened.

Keep Toddler Busy With Those 20 Ways

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2. Safe painting activity

This activity will test the sensory skills of toddlers. As a parent, we have to make sure that the materials that our kids use are safe and chemical-free if in case they will accidentally take it orally. You can use flour, water, and food coloring to make it more attractive in the eyes of the toddlers. This activity can help hone the creativity of your kids without compromising their safety.

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3. Felt board at its finest

Simply put felt on a bulletin board and play using felt bags. You can integrate different games appropriate to their cognitive level, such as the color identification game.

4. Washing at its best

This activity can help your kids learn the act of washing and upholding cleanliness at all times. Fill up your sink with soapy water your kids can use to wash their toys. For example, letting your sons wash their toy cars will teach them at an early age about responsibility, which they should be aware of when they become an adult. As a parent, you would be proud seeing your kids doing all of these.

5. Utilizing shaving cream or whipped cream

This is a sensory activity. It can get messy, but it will surely let your toddlers enjoy. You will need other things aside from shaving or whipped cream such as pretzels or beads that the kids can play with. You will have to supervise closely so that they won’t swallow something that’s not edible.

6. Using water beads

Water beads can be bought in stores. They’re squishy and come in different colors. Your kids will surely enjoy playing with them. This kind of water beads, however, is not safe for them. Tapioca pearls can be an alternative for water beads to ensure the safety of your kids. These pearls are soft and come in different colors too. The kids will enjoy playing with the tapioca pearls and you won’t have to worry if the kids eat them.

7. Button snake activity

This activity will test the fine motor skills of toddlers. Sew a button on each end of the ribbon and cut out squares of felt. Cut a slit in the middle of each square and allow the toddlers to poke the button through the slits. It will take time to master it, but your kids will surely be able to practice their fine motor skills.

8. Bathtub paint

It is fun doing this kind of activity. Put shaving cream in a muffin tin, then add food coloring to it. Allow the kids to freely paint on the tub with the use a paint brush.

9. Dropping pom poms

You can do this activity by finding a container and cutting a hole on top of it. Let your kids drop pom poms into it. It is a simple and fun activity. You can teach your kids how to count by counting how many pom poms they have dropped into the container.

10. Rainbow colored spaghetti noodles

This is a very safe and fun activity for your toddler. The only things that you’ll need are spaghetti noodles and food coloring. You may add oil to prevent the noodles from sticking to each other. You can also integrate different games in this activity by that involves color and shape identification.

11. Play in the sink

This activity is similar to washing at its best. The only difference is that it has a theme. You will need a sink, Jell-O, some small toys, and whatever you would like to add. For example, you can have a pond-themed sink and add some things related to the theme to make it more attractive. Let your kids play with it. It will allow them to use their imagination.

12. Cheerios on the move

This is a fun activity that will practice your toddler’s fine motor skills. What you’ll need are cheerios, play dough, and a spaghetti noodle. Roll the dough into a ball and stick a spaghetti noodle on top of it. Allow the toddler to slide cheerios down the noodle.

13. Bottles on the go

It is a simple activity that practices your kid’s sensory skills. All you’ll need are empty bottles. Fill the bottles up with water, you may add food coloring to the water to make it more attractive, and put anything that the kids can recognize such as beads, buttons, and the like. Make sure that the bottles are tightly sealed to prevent leakage. Kids will be shaking the bottles to explore what’s in them.

14. Ice melting

This activity is fun and easy for kids. It involves freezing tiny toys and letting them squeeze warm water onto the frozen ice. Kids will enjoy seeing how the ice eventually melts, revealing the tiny toys. It is a perfect science lesson for them.

15. Utilizing cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes can serve other purposes if you become creative with it. Big boxes can be made into a fort or a small house that your kids can play with. With this activity, you can inculcate the act of improvising and recycling while letting your kids enjoy.

16. Utilizing Styrofoam and golf tees

This is also a nice activity for the toddlers to practice their motor skills. Prepare a block of Styrofoam and let them use a toy hammer to poke the golf tees.

17. Painting with ice cubes

This activity is very simple. You only have to fill your ice tray with water. Add food coloring to it and allow the water to freeze for 20 minutes. Don’t forget to stick a popsicle stick that will serve as its handle. When it’s ready, give it to your kids and let them use it to paint on paper.

18. Dough on the go

This is activity is an all-time favorite. You will only need 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of oil. Mix the flour and the oil for 5 minutes. If the mixture is sticky, then it’s good to go. It is moldable and soft, yet things can get very messy. Allow your kids to play with it whenever they like.

19. Painting the sidewalk

Of course you would prefer a clean sidewalk, but allowing your kids to paint on it can help improve their creativity and imagination. You can do so by mixing 1 part of water to 1 part of corn starch. Add food coloring and allow your kids to freely paint on your sidewalk with the colorful mixture. Do not worry, it can easily be removed afterwards.

20. Utilizing pom poms and cardboard tubes

You will only need pom poms and a cardboard tube. Let the kids play with it in whatever way they like. It’s up to you now to think of an activity that will make things more interesting for your kids.

Hopefully this list of activities would be a great help to all the parents out there.

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