An Interesting Experience for a Mom on a Train

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Train rides are usually filled with people from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences. At times, such people get to interact with each other and this results in memorable stories. Samantha Welch was fortunate enough to have one such memorable encounter.

Welch, in her mid-twenties, is a single mom to a little kid whose name is Rylan. In the year of 2015, she was traveling with her 3-year-old on an extremely crowded train. She was busy with playing with her child and keeping him occupied until he fell asleep on her lap.

An Unknown Gentleman

During their trip, a man wearing a hat and glasses got onto their car. Given that the train was overcrowded, there wasn’t much space for the man to sit. However, Samantha made an effort to make some room for him.

After a while, the man had to get off the train for his spot. He reached for Samantha’s shoulder and tapped it, giving her a piece of paper saying that she had dropped it. Before Samantha could react, the man walked off and exited the train. She knew for sure that it was nothing she had dropped since she was not familiar with the piece of paper.

An Interesting Experience for a Mom on a Train
When she read the little note that she was given, she could not hold back her tears and had to begin crying on the train itself.

What Did the Note Say?

The note stated that the woman should have a drink on the man (with the money he gave with the note), and it also talked about how the woman is a huge credit to her generation. She is polite and willing to teach good manners to her child. It also stated that the man himself has a daughter the age of the woman, and he hopes that she becomes a similar mother as well.
An Interesting Experience for a Mom on a Train
At one point during the train ride when the man was sitting next to them, Samantha had jumped from playing with her child to giving him a quick lesson on some manners he could use. This conversation had touched the man so much that he had left Samantha a 5-pound note with the message.

An Interesting Experience for a Mom on a Train

Finding the Man

She went on to search for the kind man so that she could thank him and talk to him. Both Samantha and Rylan appeared on some local shows and shared their train ride story. It was only a week later that their efforts were paid off as they were able to find the mysterious man.

An Interesting Experience for a Mom on a Train
His name is Ken Saunders and at the age of 50, he was using the train to get home from work. He is a family person, living with his partner and four stepsons. He was really happy to see Samantha and Rylan talk about manners on the train, and this is why he chose to leave that note for her.

An Interesting Experience for a Mom on a Train
The world may certainly be filled with negativity in the headlines, but if we look close, there is a lot of good occurring in the little things around us. Samantha’s encounter is one such example.

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