Getting pregnant after 40 Try this

I’m 40 yo pregnant – is it too late?

Getting pregnant after 40 Try this

There are many couples who were busy in setting up their future due to which they don’t become parents in the starting years of their marriage. But once they have settled down and starts planning their family both of them have crossed their 40. Some people thing that getting pregnant after 40 is a tough thing. But if you have maintained your lifestyle you can easily get pregnant. It may be scary to handle the pregnancy at 40. But there are many couples who are handling the pregnancy over 40 along with many who are handling the pregnancy after 40’s. So it really does not matter that hat your age is if you want a child you can start planning for the child.

The reasons of late pregnancies


Most of the time due to many reasons the woman are not able to get pregnant soon after their marriage and at the age of 40 or above they realize this thing that now it’s the right time. So you can easily have your first pregnancy at 40 without any kind of hesitation. Nowadays due to the hectic and challenging lifestyle many women are getting pregnant at 40. Some may hesitate while taking this step but the ones who want a child badly will consult the doctor and will take this step.

Once you visit the doctor you have to have various tests so that you can assure that you will not face any kind of complications in your pregnancy. You also have to have the check up to determine that whether you and your partner can make a child or there are some hormonal problems in one or both of you. Over the years it have been seen that there are many couples who come across the fertility problems. The sperms can reproduce but the eggs can’t fertilize due to which the couple can’t have the chld. In the old times when the couples were not able to reproduce there were many mom stories that the fault is of the woman and stuff. But now due to the scientific progress now even the older women can easily get pregnant.

Artificial methods of getting pregnant

As the science has done an incredible progress, now you can easily get the solutions for all your problems. In the previous times when a woman was not able to get pregnant she has to listen to so many taunts but now nothing is like that. If a woman is not fertility problem she can visit a fertility specialist who can first have some of your tests after which she can give you a fertility treatment. After the treatment she can easily get pregnant but still if she comes across the problem she can have a donor egg. In it you can get some trusted woman in whom you can penetrate the sperms of your partner. Once she conceives your child and gives birth to him you can take the baby from her by giving her some compensation.

Lifestyle of the mothers of 40 and above

There are many women who get pregnant at 40 years old. It is nothing to get shocked at as the female fertility age is till 55 so before that they can easily get pregnant. So if the woman cross their 40’s and want to get pregnant they can do that.

But when you become pregnant after 40 you may come across a number of problems. There are very rare chances that you get pregnant after 40 but if you get pregnant you may come across many problems. The biggest problem will be the problems that you will face in the fertility. Once you get fertile there will be chances that you may have a miscarriage so one has to be very careful in the starting days of the pregnancy. Infect you have to be quite careful in the beginning months of the pregnancy over 40. Once you have passed the crucial months of your pregnancy you can easily become mother.

The woman’s who really want to become mothers after 40’s they have to take care of their lifestyle. The women who are of 40 or above are mostly bulky due to which they get conceive. So if you wish to become pregnant first make sure that your BMI is less than 34. So you have to maintain your BMI above 34 and have to maintain your weight.

The other thing that can affect your pregnancy after 40 is the intake of the caffeine. While you are going for the treatment of the fertility you have to assure that you have stopped the intake if the coffee. In the beginning it may be hard to void the coffee but you have to do it gradually. Once you have decided that yu want to have a baby start trying to get rid from the coffee and just in few days you will see that your coffee intake will reduce. Try to replace coffee with one of herbal teas, for example red raspberry leaf tea. The tea can really improve your fertility! And you can easily get pregnant after your 40’s.

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