The Formula for a Successful Daughter Is a Nagging Mom

Do you happen to have a tween or teenage daughter and want to see her happy and successful in life? Well, you have found the perfect formula for a successful daughter – a nagging mother. That’s right, a nagging mother. You might be thinking, “Huh? What on earth are they even talking about? They’ll make our kids hate us.” However, we’ve got studies to back up our claims.

The Formula for a Successful Daughter Is a Nagging Mom

Nag to Succeed

A study conducted by the researchers at the University of Essex shows that if the main parent (usually the mom) is always watchful, keeps track of what their daughters are up to, and shows high expectations, the daughters are found to be a lot less likely to fall prey to the whims that might lead to their life being destroyed.
These girls were found, during these studies, to be:
• Less inclined to end up pregnant at a very young age
• More prone to go to school and further higher studies
• Less inclined to have low-wage employments
• Less inclined to have an extended period of unemployment.

The head researcher, Ph.D. candidate Ericka Ramirez, revealed that they have been studying 13- and 14-year-old girls for the past ten years and after such long studies, they were able to work out this conclusion.

They further elaborated that they might not become some very famous personality, but the chances of them having a successful and fulfilling career and availing many important opportunities increase by many folds.

Once your daughters are successful, your job is done and they will carry on their success with sheer willpower and because they want to succeed and not because you are pushing them to.

The Formula for a Successful Daughter Is a Nagging Mom

The More Annoyed the Daughter, the Better

“What are you saying? I do not want a shouting match with my daughter who would be able to win the Olympics for sulking at the rate she is going. I do not want to go through any door slams and eye rolls.” I am sure this is what is going through your mind because a teenager with a mood swing means the mood of the whole household being destroyed. However, what you don’t know is that the more they eye roll, the better it is for you.

Studies have suggested that even though they are throwing temper tantrums and eye rolling, on the inside at some subconscious level, they are thankful for what you are doing. They are grateful for you fussing over them and might even look back at these moments with pride.

Even if your daughters come across a choice that is tempting but wrong, they will hear your voice telling them not to do anything wrong. As long as they don’t do any such thing, a little dispute between parents and children is not a problem.

You might feel like banging your head on the wall when you are trying to advise them, but keep in mind that they are listening to it all and it would affect their behavior and be influential on their choices.

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