Find Out How Sunscreen On Kid Causes Allergic Reactions

One of the prominent safety measures used by parents for their kids during summer is the application of sunscreen. However, it was one such mother that had a terrifying experience with her child as the application of sunscreen backfired and caused more harm than good.

One awful experience of a sunburn allows a person to understand why it is worth the time and effort to apply sunscreen on their skin.That being said, are all sunscreen products good for your body? Certainly not as a mother from the area of Botwood, Canada ended up having a bad experience with such products.

Find Out How Sunscreen On Kid Causes Allergic Reactions

A Child’s Nightmare

Rebecca Cannon wanted to protect her 14-month-old daughter from the sun, so she applied sunscreen to her skin. However, instead of providing protection, the sunscreen ended up causing a painful burn to her child.

Cannon reported using sunscreen from an aerosol can titled “Banana Boat Kids SPF50.” The product is known to provide broad spectrum protection and is alcohol-free. She talked about how her daughter’s face began to get red until the next morning when she had blisters and burns.

Cannon then had to rush her daughter to the emergency room of a hospital where she was put under treatment for her second-degree burns. Having a conversation with the doctors, Cannon understood that the burns are actually common from such products and may have occurred due to a horrifying allergic reaction.

The irony is that Banana Boat markets its product to be perfect and gentle for children, but that was certainly not the case for Cannon and her daughter.

Cannon also talked about how she was able to come across dozens of similar cases on the internet. She was astonished by the fact that the product was still widely used. In her mind, getting a burn from sunscreen was the last thing she would expect.

Precaution Is Necessary

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is doing a great amount of work in order to rate the best and worst sunscreens that are being sold at the very moment. It is best to go through its list as it could save you and your family from a world of trouble. Some of the sunscreens from its list are as follows:

The Best Outdoor Sunscreens

  • Badger sunscreen with SPF 35, 30 and 25
  • All Good sun block products with SPF 50 and 30
  • Releve Organic Skincare with SPF 20

The Best for Children

  • Thinksport Sunscreen with SPF 50
  • Adorable Baby Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 30
  • Nurture My Body Organic Sunscreen with SPF 32

The Worst for Children

  • Banana Boats Kids Max Protect and Play Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 100
  • CVS baby sunscreen with SPF 55
  • Up & Up Kids Sunscreen with SPF 55

In addition to the recommendations mentioned above, it is also suggested by doctors that parents do spot testing on their children before using a sunscreen completely. They can experiment by applying the product on a small spot on the child’s skin to check if an allergic reaction occurs. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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