Find Out How Coconut Oil Can Improve Your Life With 9 Amazing Ways

5-Reducing Seizures:

Since the coconut oil is easily digested, this is ideal for anyone, specially who are suffering from seizures. After digestion, coconut oil produces Ketone Bodies and studies have shown less number of seizures occurring among the patients who are using coconut oil in their cooking.

6-Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease:

The Ketone body present in coconut oil helps the Alzheimer patients by improving the functionality of the brain.

7-Preventing Heart Disease:

Studies have shown that the saturated oil in coconut oil is not at all bad for you. Rather they increase good cholesterol in your blood and helps to fight bad cholesterol and thus reduce the chance of any heart disease.

8-Body Lotion:

Coconut oil is actually a natural body lotion. It repairs dry skin and You Can use as a natural moisturizer for your skin.

9-As Sunscreen:

Add equal portion of coconut oil and your regular sunscreen lotion and use it. Studies revealed that it can prevent up to 20% more ultraviolet rays than a normal sunscreen lotion.

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