Every Mom Should Be Like This Police Officer

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The biggest gift of a mother is the ability to feed any child, and it was reaffirmed by a police officer in Colombia who saved a baby girl by breastfeeding her. Events like these show that humanity isn’t dead after all.

The baby was found in a rural area of Santa Marta, Columbia by a woman named Edinora Jiminez. She was there picking up oranges. When she heard a cry, she first thought that it could be a cat. However, she suddenly realized that it wasn’t, and informed the local police department regarding the abandoned baby girl.

Among the first police officers to respond on the scene was Officer Luisa Fernanda Urrea. She found the baby in a really bad condition with her umbilical cord still attached to her body. She was fast going into hypothermia, and that’s when the female Colombian officer decided to breastfeed her. According to Buzz Feed, she told a local TV show “because I’m a nursing mother, I know the needs of a child…”

After that, she was taken to a local hospital where she was treated for lacerations and hypothermia. Currently, she is healthy and recovering well from her illness. The Columbia Institute of Child Welfare has also taken up her case and trying to find her mother that left her in the first place. She could be charged with criminal offenses. One officer of the Institute was quoted as saying that the Institute will try to press charges as high as “attempted homicide”against her.

Press has also been quite supportive of her with the British Daily Mail praising her as “heroic cop”. “Heroic policewoman saves abandoned newborn” – was the headline of The Daily Mirror published from UK. The humane act by the young police officer has also drawn quite a lot of praise on the social media. One user on Facebook said that she did a “most natural thing” by providing her breast milk to the baby. Another user praised her “selfless act” which is quite different from the “chaos going on in the world”.

The bravery of Officer Luisa Urrea cannot be contained in just words. She saved the life of a young infant who was about to die. The even special thing about this act was that the baby abandoned was also a girl. We and the whole humanity should learn from her.

Bravo officer Urrea.




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