How Clean Is Your House And What Does This Say About You?

  1. You have a high self-esteem and are not too concerned about what other people think about how messy your house is.


  1. You are teaching your kids to be more responsible by letting them share in the household chores. This might be quite messy but it helps in instilling good work ethics in kids.


  1. You work outside the home, so as to meet the basic needs of your family; consequently you have less time to spend cleaning up your house.


  1. You don’t have an adequate support system in place, so you would rather just concentrate on what’s more important in your life.


  1. You derive more pleasure from people and the interactions that you have with them rather than deriving pleasure from stuff and a perfection culture.


  1. You don’t have a good cleaning system in place.


  1. You know what the most important things in your life are and you prioritize them.


Don’t feel bad if your house is never perfectly clean and it doesn’t look like the houses you see in glossy home magazines and social media sites like Pinterest. Set your own standards and do what works for you.

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