How Clean Is Your House And What Does This Say About You?

Some time back, while walking past my younger daughter’s room I took a photo of it and shared the photo on Instagram. I then posted a caption stating how messy the house was and how I had now made peace with it.

How Clean Is Your House And What Does This Say About You?

But after posting that statement, I began thinking more about it. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that perhaps I was just putting myself under undue pressure. Whose standards was I trying to live up to? What measuring stick was I using to determine how clean my house was? Then I realized that the main reason why I was uncomfortable with the statement I had made on the Instagram photo was because I was ultimately labeling myself as a failure as a result of not keeping a clean house. But was this true?

Here are a few possibilities about what your messy house really says about you:

  1. You don’t find cleaning fun and you would rather spend time doing other fun activities with your family.


  1. You are patient with other people and can operate under high stress levels.


  1. You have proof that your family had a fun day and they were free to be themselves.


  1. You just had a baby in the last 4 years.


  1. You would rather rest than try to be a super mum with a perfectly clean house.

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