8 Types Of Photos Of Your kids That Shouldn’t Be Posted On Social Networks

  1. Potty Time

8 Types Of Photos Of Your kids That Shouldn't Be Posted On Social Networks

Don’t post the photo of your kid snapped when the kid was on potty. This is absolutely the private moment of the kid. If child happens to see such photo online when he or she reaches the teenage it would be disgusting.

  1. Private details

This is the really ridiculous to give the completed and important details of the kid online. Don’t you think that the information will be misused?

  1. Group pictures

When you post a group photo of your children with other children then the parents of other children may feel bad as they don’t want to post the photo of their children online. Be careful when you post such photos, you may need others permission.

  1. Harassment

The photos you post online may cause the friends of your kid to humiliate him or her. The school mates may see the photo online and start humiliating your kid, so avoid such photos.

  1. Unsafe activities

Always avoid uploading the photos that is not safer to upload because the photos like child holding wine or beer bottle or glass, the kid holding the steering of a car or any other vehicle, likewise you know many incidents. Posting such photos is not good; it is advised to post only the harmless photos.

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